Frequently Asked Questions

How does your fee structure work?

Our fees for Business and Personal accounts are strictly based on savings. They are based on (5) or (6) months of savings depending on the longevity of the discounts we obtain. Our risk free assessment will fully detail our pricing structure.

Is there any fees if you can't save us money?

Absolutely nothing. offers a risk free service. At the very least, you'll get free and beneficial advice from us regarding your services.

How will you use my information and will any changes be made without my consent?

We are a telecom expense management firm whose main objective is to save you money on telecom costs. The information provided to us is solely used for that purpose. We do not sell your information, and our firm is committed to the standards of data security and integrity. We will never make changes to your account without your full authorization. If you submit to our service and provide us with your invoices and decide not to proceed with our audit, our firm will remove your billing information from our systems.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our service agreement which is provided at the time of our risk free assessment leaves us 100% liable to guarantee and honour the savings we promise our clients. Our firm does not take any upfront payments, or deposits. Our clients get to fully verify their savings and credits before paying for services rendered. This puts the power in the customers hands and has helped us achieve a 100% satisfaction rating with our clientele.

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