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MyBillsAreHigh Inc. has audited thousands of business accounts across all telecom providers. Whether your account is managed by a telecom representative or not, our firm can provide assistance. Our goal is not to harm existing relationships with vendors; instead, we seek to enhance them and act as an additional layer of protection for your organization. Our team are experts in Telecom Expense Management and are committed to optimizing your business's cellular expenses.

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Cellular Auditing

Whether your business is looking to retain its current provider or explore new options, our process of auditing cellular expenses begins with a risk-free assessment and a complimentary consultation with one of our cellular experts. Regardless of your carrier - Rogers, Bell, or Telus, our team can assist.Our firm will conduct careful research and analysis of various options for your organization, and then present the most effective approach. At MyBillsAreHigh Inc., we place great emphasis on proper qualification of our clients. Our approach involves developing a comprehensive solution that takes into consideration current usage patterns and any expected fluctuations. We then negotiate highly competitive rates and credits, while thoroughly reviewing past billing errors and identifying cost-saving opportunities wherever possible.

Internet Audits

Our risk-free assessment of Internet services for businesses will commence with a complimentary consultation with one of our IT experts. Most of the Internet audits we conduct are price-driven, and we often discover that the client has the necessary service, but at a cost that is too high. In such situations, our focus is on negotiating a lower price for the same service or a lower price with an upgrade. MyBillsAreHigh Inc. collaborates with a majority of Internet providers, including Rogers, Bell, Telus, Shaw, and other third-party providers.

Landline Audits

Our firm applies a similar approach to landline audits as we do with Internet audits. Regardless of whether your business utilizes services from Rogers, Bell, Telus, or other providers, we will identify the optimal solution that prioritizes service quality and cost savings. Our audit process does not mandate new service additions or hardware upgrades unless your organization specifically intends to switch providers or upgrade its equipment. At MyBillsAreHigh Inc., our focus is on accurately qualifying our clients and reducing their telecom expenses.

Alarm & Security Services

We audited hundreds of quick service restaurants and saved them an average of 92% on their landline and alarm expenditures. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Whether your business is currently subscribed to services from Rogers, Telus, ADT, Alarm Force, or other providers, our firm can help reduce your expenses or set up new services as needed. You may be wondering why addressing alarm systems is important. Recently, MyBillsAreHigh Inc. assisted in transitioning hundreds of Quicker Service restaurants to a new system. These restaurants had outdated alarm services that relied on landlines, which proved to be costly. The transition led to significant cost savings as we were able to switch to a new provider with lower rates, and the alarm services were enhanced while also being reduced in cost. This experience highlights the importance of evaluating and optimizing alarm services to improve cost savings for businesses.

We're always in the process of learning. Our team consists of highly skilled negotiators. If you're looking to reduce expenditures services such as leases for printing machines, collection matters, and other services, our firm would be glad to help on a 100% contingency basis.

I have been using Mohammed and his service for about 5-6 years. He is always professional with excellent communication skills. I always get a great deal with his services. It's almost like Christmas when he calls back after negotiating on your behalf to let you know what kind of great deal he got you.

Daniel Murphy

After getting frustrated with the whole process of negotiating a new phone/deal and our home services I asked Mohammed to negotiate on my behalf.  He did a great job in negotiating a great deal for my mobility services and also saved us significant monies with all of our home services.  I appreciated that he prioritized my mobility service arrangements since my previous phone had died and I needed another one quickly.  I have recommended Mohammed’s services to others.

Mary Simspon

Had an excellent experience with MyBillsAreHigh.  The diligence and tenacity they pursued the discounts and service updates with our cell phone providers  is unmatched.   Not only saving us the frustration of the annual fight with the companies, but quite a big savings over the next two years as well. Well done!

Ryan Hordy

Mohammed is the real deal.  He was able to get me 2 years of great discounts (~$1000) on my Telus Optik and internet!  And he is easy to work with - always ready to respond when you call him.

Richard Zajchowski

I recently used MyBillsAreHigh to negotiate internet and mobile provider services and am very pleased. Even though I had a contract with one of the providers that doesn't expire for another year, he was able to get me some saving. I will definitely be getting in touch again when the contract i set to expire. I am happy that we have someone on the side of the little guy!

Darcia Rolland
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